Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bleeding Edge Book Club!

I read a lot, but I want more, and there is little that I hate more than a bad book. Hence, the Bleeding Edge Book Club! I have a few books that I have read and love and recommend all the time, and I will write mini reviews for them, but don't be shy, I need suggestions for new books to read and review all the time. So gimmie. Fire up those Nooks and Kindles, kids.

Here is the short list of titles that I am recommending.

Altered Carbon  Richard K. Morgan
Futureland   Walter Mosley
Neuromancer   William Gibson
Ender's Game   Orson Scott Card
Transmetropolitan   Warren Ellis
Starship Troopers   Robert A. Heinlein
Guns of the South   Harry Turtledove
Lightning   Dean Koontz
Dune   Frank Herbert



Oh, and don’t forget-

-Mind the gap.

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