Friday, May 13, 2011

Wonder Woman cancelled.

That's a shame. I really wanted a decent superhero television show, and despite Warner Bros' protest(if you remember in 2007, the 'rumor' that they will no longer pursue movies with female leads), they were pushing it, but in my opinion, it's for the best. I'd rather they kill it early and avoid what was appearing to be another Bionic Woman.  I loved Bionic Woman, and the lead was hotter than a pistol, but the show's plots were stupid, and there were key points that bugged me. Similar points that I immediately noted with Wonder Woman. First of all was the costuming. WW's not bedecked in something that translates well to three dimensions, and I have had issues with every attempt.

Her classic costume looks like this.


There are a billion versions, but it's typically a tiara, a bustier, bikini bottom, vambraces and high heel boots. Good luck making that look like crime fighting gear on anyone.

Then look at the first attempt for a television show. However popular it was, I always considered it a failure.

This is the second try. There were apparently three costumes made for the show, and these were garish and silly. She looks like a Power Ranger. 


This one is interesting as it reminds me of Wonder Woman when she goes home to Themiscyra and dresses as the DC comic’s Amazons do..

Shame. The best of the three, and I hate the Xena, Warrior Princess/starry-eyed underpants look. With the skirt attached, it’s more believable.

If you can recall the idiotic outrage of talking heads whining about a comic book character who is not only fictional, but also Greek, removing American stars from her underpants, DC recently redesigned her costume completely, and it looks like a mid-nineties mess, but it seemed to be an attempt to match her costume to her television counterpart. Now that the show is axed, I bet that it will revert before the end of the year.

There are a wealth of female characters to produce strong leads in a television show, and I hope that this doesn't ruin the chances in the future.

Gods, remember Birds of Prey?


-Mind the gap.

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