Sunday, April 24, 2011

Comics is too Damn High

With the downswing of the economy and the increase in prices everywhere, it's still hurting whenever I get my weekly comic pull.

Now, I'm currently dating a geeky chick who is into sci-fi, MMA and comics; also known as the Holy effin Grail. Imagine my glee. Just think about how awesome it is to note my girlfriend's pensive look, ask her what she's thinking about and her answer being 'Iron Man'.

Imagine. The. Glee.

A couple of weeks ago, she brought something up that I hadn't truly considered- 'why are comics so expensive?'

Now, I complain about comic prices frequently- we are in a recessed economy, and they haven't decreased. Also, they are CHOKED with ads, and tend to be short a few pages, and when DC comics decided to 'Draw the Line at 2.99', all they did was remove two pages and replace them with ads.

Which is good for whom, precisely?

I understand that waiting for the trade hurts the comic industry, but there aren't many options when the stories suck and the issue prices are in the stratosphere. Remember back when I brought up why I hated event comics? It kills the reader’s ability to casually appreciate their favorite stories. It also shows a flippant disregard for our pocketbooks and a terrible conundrum: The bigger publishers have such a huge market presence that they can afford to write sub-standard stories and charge whatever they please, but the smaller independent publishers can’t afford to charge less and stay in business. It sucks to wait for the trade, but when you have several stories that you love, you have to make a choice.

I propose a new political party! One that directly deals with the rising and exorbitant prices of our dear comic books. I propose the creation of the Comics is Too Damn High Party!


-Mind the gap, bitches.

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