Saturday, April 2, 2011… finally back again, for the first time before! And beyond!

Namaste, bitches!, a technology and science blog recently changed their format. At first I loved it, and I wanted to pay homage to(steal) for my own purposes, but after a week of trying to navigate, and reading the similar frustrations from other readers, I stopped altogether.

It was terrible, horrible even. Io9 was my favorite website for teckie/geek news, and it was impossible to read.
I caught a masochistic hankering for some geeky goodness, and thankfully, finally, there is a revert button for those who miss the old 'blog' style. So guess what I'm doing now?

It's not exactly the same, but damnit, it's legible. I'm happy. Ooh, zombies!

-Mind the gap

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