Friday, March 11, 2011

Writer's block

Namaste, bitches!!

I was going to post about not being able to write, but I've been writing for days. A few of my fellow writer/artists have been noting their respective writer's/artist's blocks, which I immediately chided them for, stating that it doesn't exist.

A few years ago, I just started my novel Shades of Jack, and also attempting to write my first comic book script for a now-dead angel story that I have since shot to bits and torn to pieces. I complained about suffering from the aforementioned block, and he replied that it's bullshit and doesn't exist. Writer's block is a temporary lack of creativity, motivation, or inspiration.

So I decided that to prevent me ever experiencing the soul-wrenching pain that accompanies the inability to create, I read more, watched less television for entertainment and more documentaries, and I analyze everything. I pull stories apart viciously like a bear during spawning season, bashing and ripping salmon against rocks so I can feast on their livers and hearts.

Once in a while, I find a musical act that can also help grease the wheels. I listen to music when I write, but normally, it's for their DroneZone or Suburbs of Goa channels. The problems are that I can't listen to them in the car or when I go on my inspiration walks, but they are only good for white noise when I am already writing.

When I write myself into a corner, or just feel like leaving my quill in ink, I listen to the Earthly Frames. One man band, and the kind of haunting tracks that almost make me feel as if he can see into my mind when I sleep. When I first got my hands on it, I would only listen to the album when I needed to, like a secret weapon. I started listening in August, and I can still put in Volume 1 and after the second or third track, my hands are pounding the keyboard, channeling Jerusalem and de Sade. Link at the jump

-Mind the Gap

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