Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm Not Dead(yet)!

Been a while since I wrote here. *cough* Pardon the dust.
Since the last one, I believe some people died, the Prez strong-armed a healthcare policy through, and I met a fantastic girl. Read some fantastic books; re-read some fantastic books. I caught some horrible movies, some good, most all horrible, I drank a bit.
I'm counting bottles on my desk, for the sake of my career, I'l not disclose their number.

Moving on!

An old friend from Phoenix moved out here last year after I did, and he is a monstrosity. He couldn't stop writing if his hands were atomized and shot into space.

That's about all for now. Late-night Chipotle and Rolling Rock are making today something regretful, but I promise to write more soon.

Oh, I should have another story wrapped next week!


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