Friday, February 4, 2011

My problem with comic books, Part One.

Don't get me wrong. I love comics. I adore them. Have since I was old enough to read. Problem is, in many ways, the Action Magazine industry hasn't grown with me, and in many ways, I have been left wanting. Over the next few posts, I'll go over the myriad points of contention that stand between me and my first true love, four-color fantasy, and the wonders therein.

First, I'll open up discussion on costumes; what changed, what needs to, and what needs to go away. The next post will be about the Women in Refrigerators epidemic and why it has to stop. It will bring me nothing less than pure joy to wrap this tryst up in a neat little bow with a double-header of two tired tropes that I call 'Legacy' and Murder by Proxy'.

As usual, I encourage comments, expect to see the first post soon!

Mind the gap.

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