Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Should be Better at This

You see, depression is a motherfucker. I don't mean having a bad day, or having a case of the Monday's. I mean waking up and immediately wishing that you hadn't. I mean going through a list of reasons that people should like you and coming up with nothing.

Don't get me wrong. Clinical depression is a boon at first. Well, creatively. It's much easier to write when I am winding down and not so elated. I am also a little more prone to get in touch with my more negative emotions, more open to exploring the more hurtful side of life.

Trouble is, if I can't pull myself out of it, then I continue to spiral downwards, which doesn't do me a single favor.

Now is one of those times, and getting out of bed gets harder and harder each time, I just wish that there were fewer people that I am dragging down with me. Maybe in a couple of weeks, it'll all come back together

See you on the other side, yeah?

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